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Frequently Asked Questions

Rev. Kerry

In my travels as a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Healer I am often asked numerous questions. While many of the mysteries of God are still a mystery to me, I will do my best to lend my experience and inner wisdom to some of these questions.

It is my hope that you too will come to know we are all worthy of the love, mercy and healing of the God that resides in us all.


Do I need to be of a particular religion to receive an Experiential Healing?

The answer to this question is a clear "No." I have been blessed to have helped bring about the healing of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, faiths and religions. I have also been blessed to help others with no religion, and sometimes those with no belief in that which we call God. I welcome all people in need; honesty and sincerity is all I ask.
It is important to remember that this Higher Power many of us call God is beyond all creation. It is beyond time and space. In fact, it is even beyond our ability to think about it—meaning that the moment you have even the grandest thought about what God is, it is automatically and by definition, less than what God really is. If we could see God as It truly is, the separations we make through our various faiths and religions would melt away. Because of this, healing directly from the Divine is everyone's right.

I've seen spiritual and faith healers on television. Is that what I can expect with you?

For the most part, I hope not. The truth be known, I often shriek myself at what I see portrayed as spiritual healing on television and in other forms of mass media. While there may be merit to the work that these individuals perform (personally, I do believe some of them have the capacity to deliver God's healing energy in a direct and powerful manner), my guidance is certainly of a less "flamboyant" style. I do not shout or scream. I try my best not to resemble a walking cosmetic advertisement. And, despite my best efforts, not every hair on my head in its perfect and rightful place.
Nor do I seek to "convert" anyone, nor require them to change their religious or spiritual beliefs before I will assist them. Rather, I try merely to be a healing servant of God—teaching so that I may heal and healing so that I may teach. If I'm guided to say a certain prayer, tell the person something which is central to their illness, or lay hands on a person, I most always do so without fanfare or external commotion.
Our true experience of God is to be found inside ourselves. Every spiritual master has said essentially the same thing, "The kingdom of God is within you." As such, I see it as my purpose to help my clients go within—to seek and experience their own truth, their own unique connection with their awakened Divine Self.

Does Experiential Healing replace the need for traditional medicine?

No. It is my personal belief, and recommendation to my clients, that they view all forms of healing as complimentary to existing medical modalities. God heals using all methods, even surgery and drugs. I view my role not as a replacement for traditional methods, but rather as a complimentary form of healing.

What sorts of diseases can be lessened or cured through the use of Experiential Healing?

In my experience as a Minister of Spiritual Healing, I have seen all sorts of diseases and ailments healed via the direct intervention of God. Indeed, there is no limitation as to the power of God to cure.
There are, however, barriers and limitations we put upon our own ability to receive healing. Excessive anger, an unwillingness to forgive others as well as ourselves, and spiritual ignorance are just some of the ways we block receptivity to our innate healing ability. Also, diseases and ailments are not always negative. Often times they can serve as experiences to awaken our soul and uplift our lives. As such, it may be that we have more to receive from the "gift" of our disease and that perhaps the divine right time for a full "cure" is still down the road away.
What you personally experience will be determined by a variety of factors. My purpose isn't so much to analyze the what, why and how of it, rather it is to act as a vessel of Divine love to help inject into your life the healing energy necessary to help bring about that which is in the greatest and highest good for you. To help you walk your highest path.

Why are some people healed instantly and others are not seemingly healed at all?

Again, there are many factors that play a part in healing. I certainly do not pretend to know them all, nor to fully understand the mind and perspective of God. The way I view all healings is that the exact right and perfect condition is always granted. If that is a full and instantaneous cure, so be it. If it is for the client to see the error of their ways, freeing them to chose another path, so be it. If it is for the client to retain the physical illness but to be cured mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so be it.
I merely try to help bring about that which is in the greatest and highest good for one and all.

What role does our ability to forgive play in healing?

In my experience, one's unwillingness to forgive is often a crucial reason why people don't heal, or heal completely. It is my perception that there is a direct correlation between our willingness to forgive and our receptiveness to Divine grace and healing.
Viewed from a higher perspective, God does not need our forgiveness. I know, I know, typical religious doctrine tells us, even insists, that God requires our forgiveness before we can be forgiven. Hogwash. It is simply not true. God is always radiating love, truth, joy, wisdom and healing energy. The reason we need to be open to forgiving others and ourselves is so that we may better receive that which has already been sent.

Are there other factors which can hinder our ability to heal?

Yes. Fear, judgment and self-righteousness also serve to block our ability to fully receive divine healing energy. It has been my experience that the presence of any of these qualities often serves to block our receptivity to healing in the same proportion which we carry them. Because of this it can be said that true healing takes an open heart, receptivity to change and the emotional courage necessary to face our deepest fears and judgments.
The most miraculous healings I have seen have been when the client is truly open to that choice which is in the greatest and highest good for all involved, whatever it may be. That choice, our greatest and highest choice, is often referred to as Divine Will.

Can you teach me how to heal myself and others?

Yes. Everyone has the capacity to heal. Obviously I cannot guarantee the results each person will have. However, it is within our inherent nature to heal...and this can be taught. My Experiential Healing Workshops are designed to show others how to do this—and more.


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