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Rev. Kerry's eNewsletter
Vol. 4, February 2009

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Welcome to the February issue of my eNewsletter, a free monthly publication provided to those on Rev. Kerry's email distribution list. If you are new to this list I'd like to welcome you. It is my goal to provide you with insight, information, and perhaps more importantly, an increased level of hope and faith, something which I've acquired during my 15 years of work as an Intuitive Healer.

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This month our featured article will be Living the Golden Rule - The Path of Self-Acceptance. I will also be hosting two free Healing Teleconferences during the month of February. Details can be found below.

Once again, welcome. I hope you enjoy this issue.

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Feature Article:
Living the Golden Rule - The Path of Self-Acceptance

Most every religion or spiritual path has its own version of the "Golden Rule." Some say to treat others as you wish to be treated. Others say love your neighbor as yourself. And still others tell us to see God or the Divine in everyone. Those are beautiful teachings, but how do we put them into practice?

The truth is, no matter how hard we try to do otherwise, we treat others as we treat ourselves. If we blame others, it is because somewhere inside we blame our self. If we have anger towards others, it is that we are angry with our self. If we judge and fail to accept others, by the same merit we judge our self; we cannot accept ourselves as we are.

It is, therefore, impossible to treat another differently than how we treat our self. Despite our best efforts to disguise our inner thoughts and feelings, if we don't love our self we cannot truly love another. So how do we change this? How do we live the Golden Rule?

What I've witnessed in my own personal experience, and in my work with clients, is that to truly love and accept our self requires three basic things: Honesty, Responsibility, Grace (you can call it God, if you are comfortable with that term).

Honesty. Much of humanity lives in a state of unawareness. We start out unaware that what is happening in our outer world is a complete reflection of what is happening in our inner world; the world of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Life appears to be completely random. Often times we feel like innocent victims, tossed about by the whims of society and others. We don't understand why things are happening to us.

Because of this, this state of unawareness or ignorance, it is impossible to be fully honest with ourselves. We just don't know any better.

As we begin to evolve from this state we move into the early stages of awareness. As our ignorance decreases our honesty increases. We begin to see that in some way - although we may not know how - our outer world, the things that happen to us, holds a high degree of correlation with our inner world. We start to see a level of co-creation we did not perceive before, that the world and our experience of it is not entirely random. That we influence the outcome of our life based upon our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.

It is at this stage that we evolve to the level of personal responsibility.  

Responsibility. This is the next phase of loving and accepting one's self. It is characterized by an ever increasing willingness and ability to take ownership of our lives, including our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions. Doing so requires a much higher level of honesty. We come to a place where we see the futility in blaming others for our situation, and we begin to look closely at the root causes of our life situation.

In the early stages of personal responsibility we weave back and forth between fear and acceptance. Sometimes, often times, we run from that which causes us pain, fear, remorse, shame, or any of a number of "negative" feelings; sensations and emotions we don't like. It doesn't feel good. We run. And thus, we don't allow ourselves to feel or experience the situation completely.

Other times we can't help but feel our emotions and feelings with complete honesty. As much as we'd like to run away, something makes us stand our ground and confront the situation. And even if what we see about ourselves is not to our liking, even if it causes us shame, regret or pain, we take a good hard look at it. We know no one else is to blame.

A still higher level of personal responsibility, or honesty if you will, is when we begin to accept all things about our self. The good. The bad. The ugly. The shameful. We don't just feel those things about our self, we do our best to accept those things as part of us. As part of our nature. As part of our humanity.

This stage of acceptance is critical. I have worked with numerous clients who have been stuck for 20, 30, 50 years feeling bad about themselves, but never getting to the place of accepting those things about themselves.

You must go beyond just feeling what is happening inside you. You must try your best to accept it.

Because in truth, whatever a person can think, feel or sense is not of our creation. It was created by the Universe, or God. Let me say that another way, if you don't accept the littlest thing about yourself, no matter how unsightly it may be, you are denying an aspect that was created by the Divine. And that is impossible, we can't uncreate that which the Universe created.

This world consists of both light (we call that good) and dark (we tend to call that bad). By pushing away that which you see as bad about yourself, you will automatically push it away when you see it in others. You will judge others, find fault with others, disapprove of others, blame others: and you will do the same toward yourself.

So it is imperative that we not only become responsible for our lives, but that we do our best to accept every single act, every single thought, emotion, feeling, action as our self. As part of our nature as children of this divine grace we tend to call God.

Grace. Now we arrive at the final step of self acceptance, of loving our self and all others without judgment, condemnation or blame. This element, that which we call Grace (if you're religiously inclined you might call it mercy, compassion or the heart of God) is something that we can't give ourselves. It must be given to us. In other words, once we have done our best to feel everything inside of us, and to accept it, Grace arrives. It pours forth and what was painful before, is no longer painful anymore. My teacher, Ron Roth used to say, "You remember the event, but the sting is gone. It doesn't hurt anymore."

The interesting thing here is that in my experience it is not necessary to be religious, or spiritual, or even to believe in God for Grace to come into your life. This essence some of us call God has no ego; it is not hurt if you don't believe in it, nor if your belief is incorrect or less than what it really is. Rather, grace is like air rushing into a vacuum. Once we have done our part and taken responsibility - in other words we've become fully honest with our self - Grace pours forth.

I've witnessed this hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. When we become fully honest, when we stop lying or fooling ourselves, it gives permission for Grace to enter our lives with a conviction and strength unknown to us before. It is as if God says, "Now that you no longer wish to live in an illusion of your own making, I am welcome. You have invited me at last. In whatever form or substance you believe, whatever your belief or unbelief, you will now see that we are really One."

In that experience of Oneness, in knowing your self as the other (literally), you'll love your self and all others. You'll be able to live the Golden Rule from the inside out, from within your heart and soul. It will appear to you to be nearly effortless. The game of beating yourself up in an effort to "perfect" yourself will be over. And you'll know real love, unconditional love, perhaps for the very first time.

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About Rev. Kerry

Just in case you're wondering, I'm an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Healing, an Intuitive Healer and a Spiritual Coach. I'm also a Sufi Teacher and a graduate of the Oneness University in India. My services include private healing sessions (in-person or via phone), group workshops, and I'm often a guest speaker at churches and conferences on the topics of energetic healing and intuition. For more information please visit my website at

Here's wishing you the greatest love of all - loving yourself,

Rev. Kerry
Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach

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