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Spiritual Coaching

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Honestly, I don't view myself as a spiritual teacher. That's a title often reserved for fully God-realized saints, yogis, masters and avatars, of which I don't claim to be. What I do seem to be very good at is helping people; to help them find what is hindering or blocking their spiritual advancement and to allow their inner being to unfold. To grow. To awaken.

It seems to be the hallmark of my intuitive gifts, to be able to look inside someone to see their fears, their conditioning, the patterns they have repeated over and over in their life—and to help them change that.

One can call that Spiritual Coaching, and it is one of the services I provide to my clients.

Spiritual Coaching Intensive

The Spiritual Coaching Intensive is a program of three 60-minute private, one-on-one sessions designed to further your spiritual development. I call it an Intensive because it is much more than several individual sessions combined together. Rather, it is a unique and cohesive program designed to coach the client along step by step. Every Spiritual Coaching Intensive I do for clients is slightly different, each is tailored to their own needs and spiritual development.

The Spiritual Coaching Intensive consists of three private sessions, these can be over the phone or in person (provided you live in or near the Sedona, AZ area). Each session will be scheduled far enough apart to allow for inner growth. Often times I will be assigning you homework. Each session will build upon the prior one until the final session, where I'll take another intuitive look inside you to see how far you've come.

Program Details & Cost

The general format of the sessions is as follows, subject to change based upon your specific needs.

  • Session 1 - A one hour introductory session where I'll perform an overall intuitive evaluation of your situation. This session will likely include an Experiential Healing Session and perhaps a past life reading, if necessary.

  • Session 2 - A one hour session where I'll intuitively look into your childhood upbringing and your family linage. This session will likely include an Ancestral Healing Session for your benefit and the benefit of your family, living and deceased.

  • Session 3 - A one hour session where we will focus on improving your intuitive skills. I will be working with you to identify the intuitive modalities that come naturally to you, and I'll help to refine these capabilities so you can use your own intuition to assist in your everyday life. I'll also work to help you understand what your soul's desire is, what your purpose in life may be. We'll conclude the session with another overall evaluation to see how far you've progressed.

Scheduling a Spiritual Coaching Intensive

Click here if you are interested in scheduling a Spiritual Coaching Intensive (in-person or via phone).

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