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Meet Rev. Kerry

Rev. KerryMy Journey...

Life is funny. Sometimes the strangest things happen along the way.

For me, this personal and spiritual journey has been such an incredible awakening one can only ascribe it to Divine guidance. For I would have never imagined such a path as I walk now; using intuition and performing spiritual healings under the guidance and direction of that which we call God. It is far from what I envisioned in my college years and later in my days as a computer software executive.

God sure has a sense of humor. Here's my story...

Childhood memories

As a small child I recall having memories of other lives; other lifetimes on this planet and also in other worlds. I remember vivid dreams where I and others would communicate telepathically, we could move objects with our mind, and we could levitate, flying from one place to another. In these nightly dreams, which happened repeatedly, I would join with others, gathering as old friends. I even recall us watching a movie projected out into space of what our lives would be like on earth in this lifetime. It was so funny we laughed uncontrollably.

When I was 12 years old a vision of my mother's passing came to me. It was complete in every detail; how she would die, the extent of her injuries, the auto accident, the truck, the truck driver's face, even the clothes he wore. I could see the skid marks on the road in the new fallen snow and the plants along the side of the road were large rhododendrons. Later, when I turned 21 this chain of events unfolded exactly as I had seen: an automobile accident while on a ski vacation in a small town in Oregon called Rhododendron. While it claimed my mother's physical life, it also opened up another world for me. In fact to this day, my mother and I communicate frequently...even though she is on the "other side."

Life beyond the five senses

Despite the intuitive happenings of my youth, I grew up to lead a fairly normal life. In my mid-thirties I was an executive at a fast growing computer software company. One year I had vacationed in Sedona, Arizona. Upon returning I looked at my friend who was seated next to me. Intuitively I knew her leg hurt, even though she showed no outward signs of injury or distress.  Furthermore, I could feel the pain in her leg in the exact same location in my own leg. I recall saying to her, "Mary, your leg hurts doesn't it, and the pain runs from here to here."  I would later learn that these two modalities of psychic input were known as clair-cognizance (clear knowing) and clair-sentience (clear feeling), and were quite common forms of intuitive knowledge.
Not too long afterward I found that my clair-cognizance had grown to the point where I would see or know key past events in people's lives that were central, if not the entire cause, of their present ailment or disease.  This was without their having said a word about themselves to me. It was as if I was being told from a Higher Source what the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes were and exactly what needed to be done to improve their condition.  And, if the client followed "my advice" they often got better. Not always, but most of the time yes, their condition did improve.

I recall one of my first clients. She was a young woman with eczema, a chronic condition that had persisted for 10 years. She had sought numerous forms of treatment, but the disease remained causing red patches on her face and neck.  Within three days of following the advice I was guided to tell her it vanished completely. Frankly, I might have been more surprised than she was.

From that point on I saw numerous clients and many of them also had full or partial healings by following the advice I was guided to give them. I did this for several years, studying and learning from "experts" in the field. Then, on yet another vacation to Sedona I prayed for additional guidance. My prayer was this, "Do I just do what I'm doing now, giving intuitive advice, or is another way to help people?" The answer I received was, Yes, there is more. Much more. That is when I noticed the ability to lay hands on people to help heal them.

A passion for spiritual growth

The new reality I had been shown had proven its truth and efficacy with so many people, both friends and strangers alike, that the only direction I could go was to dive deeper into the essence of God. I completed a two-year home study program as a student in the Spiritual Lessons as taught by the late Yogi, Ascended Master and Saint, Paramahansa Yogananda through the Self Realization Fellowship. Soon afterward I was initiated into the sacred practice of Kriya Yoga, a form of deep meditation upon God, by one of Yogananda's former students and long since a Self-Realized Master and Yogi himself, Paramahamsa Hariharananda.

After that I enrolled in a three-year program with Celebrating Life Ministries. Upon completion, I was ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Healing by its founder, well-known mystic, author, former Roman Catholic Priest, and spiritual healer, Rev. Ron Roth. Around that same time I took my vows as a monk in the Spirit of Peace Monastery Without Walls, a sort of virtual, modern-day monastic community.

Immediately following I enrolled in yet another three-year program, this time with The Jaffe Institute for Spiritual and Medical Healing. It was an energy medicine school founded by physician and Sufi Master, Dr. Robert Ibrahim Jaffe. While there I refined my work and began to deepen my ability to heal at what Dr. Jaffe called the soul level; what the Sufis refer to as healing using the qualities or attributes of God.

Deeksha and the Oneness University

It was after my graduation from the Jaffe Institute I had, what I would term, the most significant spiritual metamorphosis of my life. I was attending another of Ron Roth's Healing Intensive workshops. I had attended dozens before, but this time a young man named Uttama was added to the program. Uttama was affiliated with the Oneness University in India and he was there to give us deeksha—a divine energy transmission that, over time, leads the recipient into a state we call Oneness.

When the deeksha was over my intuition told me to trace the source of the deeksha energy, and when I looked I could not believe what I saw. It was the purest, most powerful, most pristine light I had ever seen! Nothing I had witnessed till then came remotely close to it. It was a whole new level of spiritual light. Within 4 months I found myself in India at the Oneness University participating in what was then called the 21-Day Enlightenment Process (now referred to as the Level 1 Oneness Process). I have since returned to the University a total of 7 times for further training and spiritual development.

One of the things I learned at the University was that a missing component in many healing modalities is that of personal experience. We are taught to avoid our pain, to avoid fully experiencing those situations, emotions or feelings that had been painful in our lives. And yet, I began to see that it was the very act of refusing to experience these sensations that was causing the energetic blockage, and therefore the ailment or disease. Once the client opened to letting the experience complete itself naturally, I found healing prayer to be much more effective, and permanent.

My work today

Today I use a combination of intuitive awareness, personal experience, and healing prayer to effect positive changes in my clients. I have termed the collective use of these three elements the Experiential Healing Method, and I have made it my life's work.

My purpose is simple, to help alleviate suffering; to use these God given gifts by helping those in need. It is my privilege and honor to serve in this way, and I thank you for your interest in my work.

I wish each of you the best of grace.


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