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There are many modalities of healing, both traditional and energetic. My personal interest in healing has been focused not so much on the differences, but the commonality. What is it that is common with all forms of healing? And what is missing in a modality that shows to be somewhat less effective than others?

What I've seen with spiritual healing is there are three common elements necessary to bring about healing in a lasting manner. I term these three elements: Intuitive Awareness, Personal Experience, and Healing Prayer (or Grace). Each alone has the ability to bring about some change in the clients condition, sometimes dramatic changes. Still, when they are combined they work together in a way that, I believe, matches the energetic harmony and design of the human body, of the earth, and of life itself.


The Harmony of Life

Underneath the existence of life (or God, if you are comfortable with that term) is the desire for experience. Life wants to experience life, to experience itself. I believe we were designed to feel life completely: to feel, taste, touch smell, intuit, think, and sense in every way possible the various experiences life has to offer. Both that which we call good, and that which we call bad.

To our Spirit, it's all fun. Our humanity may not like certain situations or conditions, it may find some events painful and wish to avoid them again. But to our Spirit, that part of us which is unchanging and everlasting, it's all fun. It's all just an experience. It's all just life. When we start to become aware of this, we begin to allow life to flow freely through and around us. We stop resisting certain situations. We no longer cling to a certain outcome or way of doing things. We open to the possibility that all life is enjoyable, even if it doesn't feel that way at first.

What I've concluded in 20 years of doing this work is this: the more we can become aware of what is really going on, the more we can open up to the experience and allow it to move naturally through us. Once that is done, Grace (or healing prayer) flows naturally. Like air rushing into a vacuum. Grace takes over and healing is often times a natural outcome.

Intuitive Awareness

I believe intuitive awareness is a prerequisite for an enjoyable life. This does not mean we each need to call ourselves an "intuitive", but I do believe we each have instinctual capabilities that go far beyond the limits of our mind and our traditional five senses. There exists in each of us an inner knowing. This knowing can be used to guide us, to educate us, or to comfort us. And I believe everyone has this capability. It may not be as developed in one person versus another, but it is there nonetheless; waiting to be called upon.

From what I've seen with ailments and disease, by far the large percentage of cases can be traced back to an experience that was not allowed to complete itself in it's natural manner. Often times we deem a situation wrong, bad, or painful. Doing so immediately stops the energy of the experience from moving through us. Stated another way, it prohibits the flow of life itself. Given enough time and intensity, this energy blockage will go on to create an ailment, and in some a full blown disease.

There is a saying, "to see is to be free." If we can identify the event or situation which spawned the energetic blockage, we are well on our way towards healing. This is where Intuitive awareness can be of great assistance.

Personal Experience

As children we were taught some things are good, and others bad. Good things can be felt, expressed, and acted upon. Bad things cannot; they must be suppressed, repressed, or disowned entirely. What this conditioning does is to label some of life right, and some wrong. Some is holy, and some is un-holy. Looking at this from a pure energetic standpoint, this blocks the flow of life—and is often the starting point of ailment and disease.

I have come to believe "All experience, if felt completely, ultimately results in joyyou will feel a great sense of wonder and gratitude, there can be no other outcome." Unfortunately, we have been taught just the opposite. It is therefore no surprise we find ourselves slaves to needing others, events, situations to be of our liking, to be the way we "need" them to be. We just can't seem to accept life as it is.

But if we could, if we were to experience each situation in life fully and completely, each event, each person, every sensation we could possibly have would ultimately lead us to joy. We would be happy. And, we would be healthy. Life, energy, would flow through us; we would feel it for a period of time (even if it was painful); then it would depart, making room for the next experience. Regardless of the experience, joy and gratitude is the assured outcome.

In my work with clients I have seen this to be true so many times. They feel an event they had been blocking, they feel it completely, the energy block releases, and they get better. If you think about it, it has to be this way. For I believe this is how God designed the universe; that all roads, all life experiences, would lead us ultimately to health and happiness.

Healing Prayer

Given that we have identified the source of the problem, and the client has felt the emotion of the experience they were blocking completely, prayer is the next step in the healing process. By prayer I do not mean reading a book, or reciting a passage said thousands of years ago by a master. It could be. But the real power in prayer is the connection we make with the Divine; that is what draws to us the unlimited, supernatural power we call grace or God.

During my time with the well known spiritual healer, Rev. Ron Roth, I witnessed this hundreds if not thousands of times. He made the connection with the Divine and grace poured forth. Miracles happened. Now, we don't each need to be as gifted as Rev. Roth; I believe his gift was his special purpose in life. But we can each make this connection with the Divine in our own way. In a way that is natural for us.

In fact, it is not even necessary to believe in God. You just need to make a connection to a power higher than yourself, or just fill your heart with gratitude; something that makes you feel profoundly grateful. Despite what religion has taught us, God is perfectly okay with having that kind of relationship with us. Perfectly okay.

Private Healing Session


Final Thoughts on Healing

The Experiential Healing Method is a dynamic, ever-changing process that is likely not the same for any two people. Yes, there is a framework we begin the healing work from. But more importantly I follow my inner Divine guidance as to what to do next. For that inner wisdom knows exactly what is needed at the present time; how to deliver the message, what the client needs to re-experience, where and how to place my hands on them, even how to pray. I like to tell people, God's got the hard job. I just do what I'm told and follow along.

One final thought I'd like to leave you with regarding healing is that in truth, I don't heal anyone. God does that. It would be incorrect for me to take credit for a healing. Likewise, I can't take responsibility if there wasn't a healing, or not a complete healing. That is between the client and the Divine. What I can do is to give you my word I will be honest, sincere, and work to the best of my ability on your behalf. And, if you were unsatisfied in any way with our session, simply ask for a refund and I'll return your payment in full.

I send you all my very best,

~ Rev. Kerry

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