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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral HealingWe Are All Connected...

Years ago I was working with a young woman with a diagnosis of amenorrhea, a condition where the body fails to produce sufficient estrogen. Among the many symptoms were fatigue, mood swings and her monthly period had ceased. This had been the case for ten months. Despite seeking medical treatment from her gynecologist her condition persisted, with no known cause or cure.

When I began working with her I was intuitively shown that her great-great-grandmother had been put into an arranged marriage with a man she did not love. When I felt into the physical body of this, then young woman, I could feel the emotional despair. It was as if she had been given a life-long prison sentence. Telling her parents "no" was not an option in those times, nor was divorce. In her hopelessness she quietly resigned herself to a life without passion and without love.

The interesting part, from an energetic healing standpoint, was that while she was obviously able to have children, the emotional trauma she experienced was unknowingly passed down for generations in her family until it reached my client, the young woman before me with amenorrhea. So I asked her, does your condition or similar female reproductive problems run in your family? She told me it did, her mother and aunts seemed to have similar challenges.

We Are Not Who We Think

Beneath the facade of who we believe ourselves to be, we are not. That is, we are not our emotions. We are not our thoughts. We are not even our body. Rather, we a conglomoration of all that has come before us. Every thought, every emotion, every feeling we could ever feel is not ours. If you could trace back the energetic signature of any emotion or feeling you have ever had, or ever will have, you will find its origin at the beginning of time. A sort of bucket of "emotional possibilities" where we, as humans, draw from to help us experience life.

The illusion is that we believe our feelings, our emotions, our sensations are unique; that they belong to us. Further, we feel that we are responsible for their creation. And, as such, we feel an obligation to heal them, as if they were our own. This type of thinking often limits our ability to bring healing to ourselves and others, because we view life in terms of separateness—your experience and my experience. We unwittingly believe we are apart from one another.

Energetic DNA

The reality is that we are not apart from one another. What happens to one happens to another. I call this transference of energy, energetic DNA. It is the energy of one merging with another, and it is a fact of life. It is how we were made. And there is no need to protect ourselves from this phenomenon.

To describe this in more detail what happens is whenever any emotion or feeling is stopped, it creates an energetic blockage. With respect to Ancestral Healing this blockage can have occurred in our own past, in one of our past lives, in someone related to us who is currently living, in someone related to us who is deceased, or someone not related to us at all.

Healing Ourselves and Our Linage

The beauty of this design is that, once we understand this phenomenon, the interconnectedness of all life, we can more readily heal others and ourselves. The age old myth that your stuff belongs to you, my stuff belongs to me, and never the two shall meet is exposed for what it isjust an illusion.

As we broaden our honesty, and our ability to feel all the elements of life, we bring deep healing to ourselves, to our family, and to our world. This is the essence of what I now call Ancestral Healing, and it is your birthright. Not only were you designed to do this, but it is my perception that this generation is here for this specific purposeto heal all of humanity back till the beginning of time.

I am convinced this will become known as our generational hallmark, the generation that healed humanity.


Returning to the story of my client with amenorrhea. Once this young woman let herself feel the despair, the hopelessness her great-great-grandmother felt, the energetic blockage was released. It was as if she simply needed someone to help her complete that experience of her life. A few weeks later my client's estrogen levels returned to normal and her period began flowing again. You could call it a miracle, or perhaps more simply an understanding of how interconnected we really are.

It is now my privilege to offer Ancestral Healing to clients and their families. It is a simple process, but one that often has miraculous results. God has graced us with the ability to heal ourselves and others. I invite you to see for yourself what can happen when we come to know who we really are.

May the Divine bless you and your family.

~ Rev. Kerry

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