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The Oneness Temple

For those that are interested, here are some of the primary Golden Age Movement (aka Oneness) and O&O Academy (aka EKAM) events and online resources available. There are many more than I am listing here, but these are the primary ones. So much is being made available to us at this time, I hope you can take advantage of some of these offerings:


There are several email lists about Oneness and the Golden Age Movement. NOTE: I recommend signing up for Rick Scheyer's email list. Rick is a Oneness follower from Seattle, WA and each month he sends out a very informative, highly comprehensive E-newsletter to all subscribers about all things Oneness and the Golden Age Movement.

GAM Create Course email list, please contact:

A sample of Rick's recent E-newsletter:

Sign up for Rick's E-newsletter:


Here are some of the main websites and YouTube channels used by Oneness.

Golden Age Movement Website

Sri Amma Bhagavan Website -

Golden Age Movement Store - Purchase various images of the Paramjyoti (Supreme Light):

Sri Amma Bhagavan’s Teachings - This YouTube Channel contains over 250 videos of excerpts from Sri Amma Bhagavan Darshan’s given over the years:

Sri Amma Bhagavan Current & Future Events - Use this YouTube Channel to find the current and future online Oneness events:

Sri Amma Bhagavan Miracles - This YouTube Channel contains numerous videos of reported miracles from many people:


Due to the large number of followers and participants Oneness now utilizes the messaging app Telegram to communicate with others. Here are the Telegram groups that are available to the public. For those that have taken the 3-Day Awakening Into The Golden Age Course there are also two private Telegram groups available, but not listed below:

Sri Bhagavan USA/Canada Family of the Divine - General group info for everyone who lives in the USA/Canada. Receive updates, teachings, miracles, etc:

Sri AmmaBhagavan Family - Gifting Awakening - Receive teachings directly from Sri Bhagavan. Postings only by Sri Bhagavan or Tejasaji:

Physical Healing - Sri AmmaBhagavan Family - Post your photo and prayer as if already received, to receive Sri Bhagavan’s blessing for health:

Granting Wealth - Sri AmmaBhagavan Family - Post your photo and prayer as if aready received, to receive Sri Bhagavan’s blessing for any form of wealth:

Rev. Kerry’s Satsang Group - This is Rev. Kerry’s private satsang group for those that have participated in one or more of his monthly satsang or webinar events. The purpose is to host an online community for those interested in helping ourselves and humanity move more gracefully into the Golden Age. To join: 


General courses are specifically designed to improve your worldly, day-to-day life. Relationships, finances, removal of obstacles and old patterns of behavior, clearing of karma and a more joyful, harmoneous life are the goals of these courses.

Aalaya Darshans - Daily. Aalaya Darshans are performed each evening and are designed to, over time, clear our internal programming and karma, leading to an improved wordly life. Better relationships. Improved finances. Overcoming obstacles. And your worldly needs more easily met. These Darshans consist of different Pujas (sacred ceremonies) performed live at a specific time at various sacred temples within India by Oneness monks. Because these Pujas must be performed at a specific time, the times for Westerners cannot be changed and are as follows: 11:20pm PT, 12:20am MT, 1:20am CT, 2:20am ET. No video recording is available, so you must do these live. Cost $0. To participate:

Create Your Beautiful Life Course - Monthly. A Powerful 3-hour Experience of Self-Discovery, Igniting the Inward Journey for a More Awakened and Joyful Life. Like the Aalaya Darshans this course improves your relationships, finances, helps one to overcome obstacles and generally leads to a more enjoyable life. Cost $25.


Rev. Kerry HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this course for those spiritual seekers serious about their own Enlightenment and also helping the rest of humanity to become Awakened and Enlightened too!

* 74,000 Deeksha Yajna - This course is highly recommended for those seeking Awakening and Enlightenment. It is held on the last Saturday of each month via Zoom and lasts for around two hours each time. This is a live darshan (question and answer session) directly with Sri Bhagavan broadcasted from India, participants will also receive blessings from Sri Bhagavan, will participate in processes designed to give Enlightenment and will be prayed for on a regular basis by the advanced monks at the Satyalok Campus in India. Cost is $625/year and this course is open to everyone. 

Payment can be made at: Please list Rick Scheyer as your Course Organizer (if you need to contact Rick his email is: After paying your membership fee please also fill out the following Google Doc page, this lets Rick know that you signed up with him and he will then provide you with the Telegram Group to become a member of so you can participate each month:

Website about the 74,000 Deeksha Yajna:

Short video about the 74,000 Deeksha Yajna:


If you seek to make the strongest, most powerful committment toward your Enlightenment and also the Enlightenment of all humanity this is the recommended course for you. It represents the platinum, most advanced course given by the Golden Age Movement.

* Awakening Into The Golden Age 3-Day Course - Held 3 times per year. This is the premier Golden Age Movement Course for those SUPER SERIOUS about shifting into Enlightenment and beyond. Those taking this course agree to take it a total of eight times over a 4-8 year period, then travel at least once to attend the Enlightenment Festival in India at Ekam to become fully Enlightened. Cost $1,250 per course. Details at:


EKAM Movement (run by Sri AmmaBhagavan's son, Krishnaji and their daughter-in-law, Preethaji) conducts numerous classes, courses and events worldwide. This is just a sampling of their most prominent events, please visit their website and sign up for the mailing list to be notified of all their events.

EKAM Website - Discover the latest in-person and online courses available through O&O: 


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