REPLAY Webinar: Upcoming World & Economic Changes REPLAY Webinar: Upcoming World & Economic Changes
August 21, 2018 through January 30, 2019


NOTICE: This webinar was held on August 21, 2018. If you would like to purchase a video replay copy you may. Simply register as usual below, upon the conclusion of your registration and payment Rev. Kerry will send you the video replay link. This webinar was packed full of information, eight pages of it download from his spiritual team and presented all in one 90 minute webinar!
As we progress towards the year 2020 and beyond, humanity will witness some of the most dramatic changes our world has ever seen. These changes will not be limited to the U.S., but will grow to envelope most all nations on earth. We are beginning to witness some of these changes now, growing social unrest, religious conflict, financial market volitility, political instability and corruption on a large scale, and more. But what we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg, fortunately or unfortunately there is more to come. Much more.
My spiritual guides have told me at this point in time there isn't anything humanity can do to avoid this. Our collective decision back in 2012 for growth and spiritual evolution means that existing nations, societies and economies must break down in order to pave the way for newer, more enlightened and cooperative ways of living to be birthed.
Given this, how can we prepare for the challenges that lie ahead?
What can we do to remain as safe as possible?
What steps could we take to protect our home, our jobs and our financial assets?
On August 21, 2018 Intuitive and Mystic, Rev. Kerry will seek to provide answers to these critical questions and more. He'll look into climate change, geographic change, collapses in financial markets, U.S. and foreign currencies, political changes, world events and a host of other topics that will impact the lives of every human on the planet.
If you're concerned about what the future holds and how to best navigate the upcoming world changes we invite you to register for this very special 90-minute Webinar. If you're unable to participate live a recorded copy will be made available to you soon after the Webinar.
BONUS: For those who register by August 20th you are invited to submit questions (via email) to Rev. Kerry for him to look into. These questions should be related to possible future events and each registrant is limited to a maximum of two questions. Rev. Kerry will then do his best to look into these questions in advance of the August 21st Webinar (there is no guarantee your question will be chosen, but Rev. Kerry will do his best to answer as many questions as possible live during the Webinar).

NOTE: Rev. Kerry makes no claim that what he has intuitively been shown will happen with 100% certainty. Further, he wants to be clear he is not an economic nor financial professional and participants should not treat him as such. What Rev. Kerry will do is to share with you as openly and candidly as possible all that he has been intuitively shown and the future events told to him by his spiritual team. Please continue to use your own judgment and discretion when deciding upon your personal choices for the future.

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