Satsang: Sacred Gathering For The Golden Age Satsang: Sacred Gathering For The Golden Age
August 30, 2020
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Hi, this is Rev. Kerry. I want to share with you a new and exciting online event I've been working on for nearly the past year. It's called Satsang: Sacred Gathering For The Golden Age. It will consist of whomever wishes to join me and many others once each month, an online group gathering for 90 minutes via Zoom. Unlike my monthly webinars, which are focused on in-depth teachings and various spiritual processes; and unlike my private sessions where I work with people one-on-one as an Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, this new sacred Satsang is a time when we can gather together on a regular basis for the purpose of preparing ourselves and our world for entrance into the upcoming golden age. What exactly does this mean?

Satsang Group MeetingMost people that have heard of the Sanskirt word "Satsang" know it to mean a time of spiritual teaching or spiritual discourse. But the word "Satsang" also means to associate with true people or to be in the company of true people. In this case the "true people" are those that sense or have an inner knowing that something significant is happening, a quantum change to society, to our planet and to humans that will change our world. Forever. If this includes you, if in some way, shape or form, you know or sense something is up, something is changing, I welcome you to join with us each month as we prepare for and also play our part in this time of global transformation and the growth of human consciousness.

I created this new Satsang: Sacred Gathering For The Golden Age to help us through these times. To shed light on what is happening to our world, from a spiritual as well as a practical perspective, and to help each of us to transition to a higher state of consciousness necessary as we begin to enter the golden age. Here is what these Satsang gatherings are designed to accomplish:
  1. We meet once per month or whenever you feel called to join our monthly online gathering.
  2. I'll start by sharing with you my intuitive insights into what is happening with our world. Each month I'll look into current issues such as Covid-19, our economy, global events, the presidential election, race relations, the state of our collective awakening and other items of interest.
  3. Then we'll open up the Zoom call so participants can share what is happening with them, what their perceptions are of world events or more intimately what is happening within their own consciousness, the spiritual changes they see within themselves. This will be a time of sharing and of open and honest communication, where we can find comfort, support and guidance in these times of change.
  4. Participants will also be allowed to ask questions and I'll offer myself up as an Intuitive, answering your questions live online. These questions may be about current events, future events, or the questions may be of a more personal nature about yourself, your life choices and your own spiritual growth. 
  5. We'll have a prayer time and use the power of prayer to intercede for you, your families, friends and for those those in need. Prayers can be submitted in advance to my website's Prayer Request page.
  6. We'll also use the very powerful practice of Smarana Deeksha along with our intimate connection with The Supreme Light of Supreme Love (i.e. what we call God) to shift your consciousness and accelerate your Awakening, Enlightenment and God-Realization. Those that have been initiated to give Smarana Deeksha are welcome to join me at this time.
  7. And finally, we'll keep the price very low, $25, so as not to be a barrier to our meeting each month. Note: If you purchase the Satsang separately it will be $25 each month. However, if you decide to purchase the webinar series for that month your participation into that month's Satsang is gifted to you Free of Charge, as in $0.00.
One final piece of sharing. Ever since I was a young child I had memories, visions and astral travel experiences of a time on earth such as now, when we each would be called to shift to a higher consciousness. A new awareness and frequency of love that would transform not only ourselves but our world too. I remember being born for this, incarnating at this time precisely for this purpose. And my sense is if you're reading this you were born for this too.
I invite you to join me and many others each month for these sacred Satsang gatherings as just one more way we can each play our role in these times of change, times of challenge and times of growth. Doing so will benefit so many people, so many souls. It is up to us to lead the way, to show what is possible. Namaste ~ Rev. Kerry

This is a 90-minute online Zoom Gathering scheduled as follows:

Satsang: Sacred Gathering For The Golden Age
Sunday, August 30, 2020

5:00 - 6:30pm Pacific & Arizona Time
6:00 - 7:30pm Mountain Time
7:00 - 8:30pm Central Time
8:00 - 9:30pm Eastern Time
9:00 - 10:30pm Atlantic Time

Monday, August 31, 2020
1:00 - 2:30am UK & Ireland Time
2:00 - 3:30am Switzerland & Sweden Time

If you are unable to participate in live with us in the Satsang you may view a recorded replay, which will be made available to registered participants within 24 hours after the meeting completion. This replay will remain available for six months and you may view and re-view it as many times as you wish during this time period.

The Satsang: Sacred Gathering For The Golden Age will be broadcast over the internet with a live video feed of Rev. Kerry and his presentation materials. The meeting will also allow for spontaneous interaction with all participants, with Rev. Kerry available to field questions and for you to share your comments and relevant experiences with other participants. 

To access this online Satsang meeting Rev. Kerry utilizes a product called ZOOM, chosen because it is one of the highest rated and most reliable online meeting products available. To connect you'll need the following:

Mac, PC or Mobile device access:

  • Mac (OS X 10.6.8 or later) with internet connection
  • Windows PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or later) with internet connection
  • Linux PC (Redhat, Oracle, CentOS 6.4 or later, Fedora 21 or later) with internet connection
  • Tablet or Mobile Phone (Apple iOS, Android or Surface Pro) with internet connection
  • Speakers and Microphone. Webcam is supported but is optional.

AND one of the following browsers:

  • Mac (Safari 5 or later, Chrome, Firefox)
  • PC (IE 7 or later, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5 or later)
  • Linux (Firefox, Chrome)

NOTE: ZOOM requires a small app to be loaded onto your computer or mobile device in order for the meeting to run properly, so don’t be alarmed when it prompts you to add this app. Also, if you're using a Mac, PC or Mobile device to connect it is suggested, but not required, that you use a headset; as this will prevent others in your household from hearing the meeting. 

Phone access:

  • For those that do not have access to a Mac, PC or Mobile device, this meeting can alternatively be accessed via phone (audio only, no video) using a long-distance phone number. Details available after registration.

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Please know that Rev. Kerry is an ordained minister with Celebrating Life Ministries and works through the power of the Divine to help and assist others. As a member of the ministry he is granted the legal authority to lay hands on clients, perform healing and/or prayer as a form of spiritual and energetic healing. Rev. Kerry is not and does not claim to be a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, chiropractor or licensed health care provider of any sort. His work is not offered as a replacement or substitute for conventional medical or behavioral health care treatment, but rather as an ancillary, spiritual based modality. 

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