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Private Session

Private healing sessionInterested in a Private Session?

Private sessions are an opportunity to receive insight and healing on all levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The sessions are simple, direct, and often get at the underlying core of the client's ailment, disease or personal issue. All I ask of clients is an honest and sincere desire to heal; with a willingness and courage to explore the depths of your being in order to bring about a deeper awareness—opening the doorway to healing & growth.

How to Schedule a Private Session

Rev. Kerry offers private, in-person healing sessions for those living in or traveling to the Sedona, Arizona area, or in cities where he travels (see Events Calendar for details). For those living outside those areas, Kerry provides healing sessions remotely using the internet via Zoom or over the Phone. Both are equally effective.

Select Zoom/Phone or In-Person Private Session:

Ticket Office: An overview of all my Private Session offerings

Zoom/Phone Session (60 minutes) - details: $150 USD

In-Person Session (60 minutes) - details: $150 USD

Spiritual Coaching Intensive (three 60 minute sessions) - details: $425 USD


Types of Private Sessions Available

Shown below are the different types of private sessions I provide. These are shown only as a guide, as an aid to let clients know what I can provide in my work as an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. If you are considering a session it is not necessary to choose one of these types. Often times, depending upon the availability of time and the particular needs of the client I will combine one or more of these modalities into one session:

  • Intuitive Reading / Spirit Directed Healing - This type of session is the most frequent type of private session I perform. It generally involves an intuitive reading on the client, seeking to find the underlying mental, emotional or ancestral energy blocks. Then it often concludes with the laying-on-of-hands, which can be performed remotely, and healing prayer to help facilitate a return to health. Often times one of my spiritual teachers, the late Rev. Ron Roth will be present and will aid with the healing.

  • Ancestral Healing - Ancestral Healing is a specific type of Healing. Normally it involves performing an intuitive reading on the client, parents and linage, working with them and their ancestors to remove mental and emotional energy blocks, and concluding with healing prayer for all involved.

  • Intuition Training - Often times I work with clients to assist in improving their intuition. This is easier than it sounds; I believe we are all born with intuitive skills. In this session I help clients identify their unique methods of receiving intuitive information and show them how to improve its frequency and accuracy. This type of session is recommended for anyone wishing to more closely follow their inner divine.

  • Life Purpose Readings - We each come into this life with a purpose. During a Life Purpose Reading I work with the client to uncover their soul agreements in this life and why they may have had certain challenges along the way. I find that once we have an understanding of why we came here, it helps us to lead a more focused life—a life with clarity, purpose and passion.

  • Past Life Readings - Occasionally clients will ask me to perform past life readings for themselves. Past Life readings aren't my specialty, but if the information is central to improving the health or happiness of the client, I am often shown one or more of their past lives.
  • Spiritual Coaching Intensive - A Spiritual Coaching Intensive is a package of three 60 minute sessions where I help clients identify and heal the "issues" which have been hindering their spiritual progress. Having three sessions allows me more time to read into a client to see their fears, conditioning and negative patterns; then I will consult with them the things I was intuitively shown, which will help them on their spiritual journey towards peace, joy and fulfillment of their life's purpose.

"Healing is a natural phenomenon. All it takes is the awareness to experience fully what life is showing us. God does the rest." ~ Rev. Kerry

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