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LIVE BLOG: Oneness Trainers Course, India
written from Oneness University by Kerry Chinn
Jan 25 to Feb 05, 2010


This is a live blog post of my participation in the Oneness Trainers Course from Oneness University, India. During this blog I'll try to provide a daily recap of the days events, so others may share in this grace. 

I am here with 227 attendees from around the world. There are large groups from the US, Japan, Taiwan, Netherlands, Russia, Korea, Italy and China, with smaller groups from Australia, Sweden, Bali, Norway, Denmark, Israel and other countries. All attendees are already blessing givers, most have taken Level 2 too. The weather is very nice, around 75-80 degrees and mostly sunny. The course is being held on the Oneness Campus 2 (formerly referred to as Golden City Two or GC2).


Men's Dorm, GC2 CampusDay one started with all of us gathering in the meditation hall and being greeted individually by the guides. We were blessed with sacred water, given flower leis and properly hugged by the guides, 10 of them for our course.

The afternoon session consisted of a homa, a fire ritual. It was designed to increase our connection to the Divine and remove any and all obstacles on our path toward oneness and sharing oneness with others. For many people this was their first homa, for some of us we've participated several times before. In either case it is always a great experience, with the Divine coming closer to us.

The evening session had us discussing the vision of Oneness - To Set Man Free. We discussed the path towards Oneness and our mission of having 1 Oneness Trainer for every 1 million in population; 100 blessing givers for every oneness trainer; and 1 awakened being for every 10 million in population. We also discussed the significance of 2012 and the phenomenon surrounding this date. The evening concluded with our receiving deeksha directly from the guides.

NOTE: For those that attended the old Living in Oneness conferences in 2009 this approach represents a vast difference in style, methodology and spiritual power. This course is not a psychological discourse, nor is it designed primarily as a mental exercise. It is all about grace, connecting with that grace, surrendering to that grace, and allowing it to naturally and divinely guide us towards ever deeper states of oneness. Then removing the obstacles so we may share this grace with others. It is this grace - spiritual power - that is the driving force necessary in helping to awaken humanity and usher in a new age of higher consciousness, a golden age.

We are having a blast!!!

PS - If you have questions or comments just post them as a "comment" to this blog. If it is a question I will try to ask one of the guides here and provide you with an answer. ~ Kerry


Oneness Guide, Doug BentleyDay two is just starting. It's 7:27am here on Wed, 01/27.

I should mention that Doug Bentley is now an official Oneness Guide. Many of you know him I'm sure. Doug and I worked together at the Oneness Movement office some years ago, so it is nice to see him in his element! I'll be speaking with Doug more as the course continues, so let me know if you have anything you want me to ask him.

Something from yesterday. A question was asked, what is an awakened being? It is someone who is in a permanent state of Oneness. In the West there is at least one such person, he is from the Netherlands. In India there are some 1200. The guides said several of those in the prior oneness trainer course were close to moving into that state. We can expect more and more as we progress towards 2012.

One more thing from yesterday. It was asked if it was necessary to become a oneness trainer in order to reach this permanent state of oneness. The guide said no, it is not like that at all. Anyone can reach this state. More to come as the day progresses...

2:20pm - Mid-Day Session
Morning stretch at the Meditation HallThis session began with Guides Vidhyakar and Senthil doing the day's teachings. This session was focused on the purpose of the trainers course, basically to help walk us through the 7 levels of Oneness. Oneness with our our self, with our family, our community, our world, with nature/universe, and with the Divine. The 7th level being realizing our self as the Divine.

Teachings continued with the steps to Oneness, the need for 3 main elements; teachings, practices (the art of experiencing anything completely) and deeksha or grace. This session concluded with a group deeksha that was very powerful. People were laid out on the floor, laughing, crying, praying, your basic deeksha brain after effects. It was great!

Vidhyakar also informed us our 10-day trainers course will consist of 4-5 homas, 2-3 darshans with Bhagavan, a live Skype video conference with Amma, deeksha directly from the Oneness Beings as well as the Guides, visits to the Oneness Temple and a special field trip to Satya Loka, the school run by AmmaBhagavan where this phenomenon first started.

Did I say WOW?!

9:07pm - Evening Session

Session started with prayer, asking the Divine to help us through our process. Later we were taught the fundamentals of the oneness process and how it effects six different aspects of our being; mind, body, kundalini, consciousness, heart and life. Each of these areas is changed in different ways in different stages as we progress towards oneness. The evening concluded with deeksha from four oneness beings.

We're all pretty blissed out at the moment. More to come tomorrow...


5:05am - Thought I'd take time to answer some of the questions received thus far. Some I know the answer to, some I will have to ask the guides. Here are answers to those questions I know.

From Lucia Maya - Is there wifi on campus?
Yes. BUT, it is severely restricted due to bandwidth limitations. I have access to it, to run this site. But as a practical rule they are not allowing participants to use it. They still have internet in the dorm stores.

From CJ Bigelow - Can you provide advice/tips on visiting the Oneness University?
Sure. Shop around for airfare, most are running $1200 RT these days. Change money to rupees in Chennai if you can, you'll get the best rate, currently around 45 INR to $1 USD. No ATM on site. Just about all other travel tips can be found on the website. Any specific questions you have not covered on that site just send me a msg.

Cheryl Titus - How many in the US close to awakening fully?
I don't think I can get an answer to that, as it is something probably Bhagavan or Amma should answer. But the guides did tell us we are moving into very strong times, especially from June 2011 to end of 2012. Bhagavan has said on his Skypes that many people will make it at that time.

07:30am - Morning session of yoga and kundalini breathing exercises (chakra dhyana).

11:00am - Mid-day session with guide Chandra Sekhar. Discussed the process of the mind, can we really change ourselves? Given that 'we' are just a bunch of different personalities, we can't really change we as it doesn't exist like we think it does. What we can do is to eliminate the charges within these various personalities so they become calm. Calmness is an attribute of a lack of inner conflict, which leads to true intelligence, which leads to spontaneous right action.

3:30pm - Loaded ourselves onto buses and headed over to GC1 to meditate in the Oneness Temple. Lasted about 3 hours. To make it even nicer our meditation was concluded by a hands on deeksha from 8 Oneness Beings. Zowie!

Oneness Temple at Night8:30pm - We (230 of us) had a two hour darshan with Sri Bhagavan. During this time he answered about 30 questions. It was fascinating! So incredibly informative. He spoke about many topics; life after death, the role various countries play in our awakening, how to use deeksha effectively, the nature of the universe, the significance of the year 2012, and much more. We concluded the darshan with a short meditation with Sri Bhagavan.

He's such a nice man. For those of you who haven't met him in person you'll find him to be very funny, very warm, sincere, and so accepting of people.

I'll list a few of the questions below. Keep in mind the answers I provide to you as Bhagavan's answers aren't 100% word-for-word accurate. It's kind of hard to take notes and be enthralled at the same time.

Question 1: We have been working on meditation and various spiritual practices for decades. Why can't we have enlightenment now?

Bhagavan: The time is ready, you can. It very well may happen to several of you before the end of your course. The question is, are you ready for it?

Question 2: Of the 700 permanently awakened (enlightened) people we need on the planet, can they come from outside the Oneness organization?

Bhagavan: Certainly. Oneness isn't the only one working on this.

Question 3: Will there come a time, say after 2014 when children are born enlightened?

Bhagavan: The time will come in the very near future when everyone on the planet will be a natural deeksha giver. When this happens it is likely that children born thereafter will be fully awakened.

Question 4: I think this question had to do with the nature of deeksha.

Bhagavan: You can give deeksha to cars, a refridgerator, plants, water, food. Anything. There is no limit to the deeksha, only to the deeksha giver. Regarding deeksha in a sacred place, that is very powerful. It gets amplified. Fasting a few days before receiving deeksha also makes one more receptive to the deeksha.

Deeksha is all about feeling intensely for the other person, family, country or issue. Again, there is no limit to the power of deeksha or what it can be used for. Bhagavan gave examples of doctors and rocket science engineers who use deeksha in their jobs.

Question 5: I don't recall the exact question but the answer is...

Bhagavan: Recent changes in the oneness movement to give the power to the people in all countries has made the deeksha very powerful. Sometime in March 2010 the energies will shift higher and perhaps by 2011 the energetic power can be as strong as it was in 1989.

It is possible we could start the process (deeksha givers gathering in groups of 25 or more and giving a special deeksha to each other) before start of 2012.


7:30am - Day began with prayer, yoga (sun salutation done 3 times), ananda mandala (very powerful, laid a lot of people out), then asking the Divine to help us receive all the grace possible from this course. These morning exercises have been very nice. It's not just yoga, not just breathing exercises. They always start with connecting to the Divine and finish with gratitude to the Divine.

Homa (fire ceremony)10:30am - Mid-morning session. Taught by one of the female guides, Tejasa dasaji. This session's lesson was on the various practices of oneness; body practices, mind practices, heart, consciousness, kundalini and life. A primary teaching was in the inner world we cannot do anything to change the self. Our will power can't do athing. All we can do is become aware of our thoughts and feelings, experience them, accept them, then love them as is. Once this is done grace will do the transformation inside of us.

3:30pm - For our afternoon session we were treated to a special Gayatri Homa. This is a fire ceremony designed to burn away all negative karma and to fulfill all prayers. The goddess Gayatri is used as the vessel to do this. The picture here wasn't taken during the Gayatri homa, it was taken during the day two homa. But I thought it would convey to you what a homa looks like. Duration of the homa was about 1 1/2 hours. The homas are great, had a blast. One often feels so light afterward.

One of many who passed out from the bliss!6:00pm - Guides decided to take us to Oneness Campus 4 for a deeksha ceremony with the local Indian population. Campus 4 is used primarily by Indians and most of us had never been there before. Upon our arrival we were greeted by many there with namaste, then we were lead to a large room which somehow managed to stuff 230 Westerners and 150 Indians into.

The deeksha ceremony began with prayer and aarti, a form of worship to the Divine. The room contained a lifesize sri murthi (picture of AmmaBhagavan which contains the Divine essence) drapped with flowers and was being run by 10 male and female guides. For deeksha each person would walk up to the altar and place their hands and forehead upon the padukas (Divine sandals blessed by AmmaBhagavan) for maybe 30 seconds.

It was wild!

Many of the locals needed to be walked back to their seats, numerous ones had to be carried. I lost count of how many needed to be carried, they were so swept away in the grace. Pic on the right is one of MANY people who needed to be carried away. Many Westerners got "woozy" too, including yours truly. My brain wasn't working fully, it felt like a huge mushroom, and I couldn't get my legs to move how I wanted them to. Comical. I know many of you can relate.

Indian man saying how AmmaBhagavan danced with usThe deeksha ceremony concluded with dancing. Lots of dancing! To the locals, deeksha is one big celebration of the Divine touching humanity. They really live it up, and we had a great time. The picture on the left is of a young Indian man who became enlightened, they say in three minutes.

He was telling his story of how it happened to him and how his perception of life, and his internal joy is different than before. He thought this could only happen to sages or people that frequently did spiritual practices. But he found out it came to him very easily, suddenly, a common man as he described himself. He said he really has no words or explanation of it, just the grace of AmmaBhagavan.

Bhagavan has said on his Skype video conferences there were many Indians who attained a permanent state of enlightenment (awakening or oneness) in just three minutes. That the process didn't need to take a lifetime. Well, we got to meet not only this young man but several others too, both male and female. So I guess it is true, this permanent state can come very quickly. One thing all of them said was they had no words to describe how they are now feeling. Just incredible joy inside for no reason at all, and no suffering.

Sounds good, eh?!


Oneness Admin building5:00am - Day five. It's early morning before most people are up. Thought I'd start the day's blog. Haven't a clue what we are doing today. More fun I suppose. Yesterday was a wild day for me (and others), the Divine seemed to be working on my brain in a specific location (left frontal lobe). Yahoo!

Some of you have asked about traveling here, recommendations for travel. For that it is best to read the website. There is a substantial amount of travel info there, more than I can type in this blog. And for those planning on coming here (trainers course, level 1 or 2), all I can say is get ready! Buckle your seatbelts!! :)

4:00pm - The image above is the Social Services building for Oneness. As many of you know Oneness has "adopted" over 100 villages here in India, helping them not just spiritually but with financial support, health care, social services and improved education. We were allowed to visit this building and see some of their community work. Very heartwarming.

6 hour bus ride to SatyalokaUpon conclusion of our visit to the Social Services building we were taken to yet another local Indian deeksha, this one held on Oneness Campus 7 (ananda loka 2). This was a different group of local Indians, said to live very simple and innocent lives. The picture on the left is a typical bus ride for us. Because most of the campus' are fairly close together they use these kind of funky buses, as you can tell. We all pile into them and off we go...with natural air conditioning and seemingly no shock absorbers.

When we arrived at Oneness Campus 7 we were led into one of the larger dhyana vihars (meditation halls). Once again we managed to squeeze 227 Westerners plus maybe 120 local Indians attending the campus for oneness courses into the hall. I don't think western fire codes apply here. :)

We were told this Indian deeksha would be slightly different than the one we experienced last night. For these people their belief in the Divine, as represented by AmmaBhagavan, is so strong it is not necessary to touch any padukas or to even receive a hands on deeksha. They literally believe God will come out of the sri murthy to dance with them and give them deeksha. So we did aarti, then we danced. And danced. And shouted. Danced some more. Shouted more.

Dancing with the localsReally wild! More so than yesterday. My friend Candace Caldwell would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Right up her alley.

I'll try to paint a picture of the evening. Jam packed. Westerners and Indians side by side. The music starts, lots of clapping and shouting and praising the Divine. Then dancing. Wild dancing. Jumping. Arms and legs flying everywhere. The picture on the right is, to the best of my knowledge, the Indian version of a Soul Train. Music blaring, some kind of Indian lyrics celebrating the Divine. People just not caring how they look, what they are doing, they are just celebrating the Divine coming to dance with them and give them deeksha. Then a wind down with prayer and gratitude for the Divine and aarti. Yup, several people got knocked out and had to be carried to a corner or back to the bus. Lots of Westerners this time.

Oh, I should also say that before the wildness started they had several local Indians up on stage telling their story. For many of them this was their first oneness course. To summarize their experiences they basically said there is no one inside them now, only the Divine, no suffering, no crazy thoughts, just joy. They can't explain it. Some also reported miraculous healings with the golden ball entering this one young woman's stomach and removing severe chronic pain she had experienced for years. So, we are indeed seeing a glimpse of what may happen to Westerners in the very near future as our deeksha giver population increases and we get closer to 2012.


Hanging out at break2:30pm - They've been working us pretty hard the last couple of days, teaching us how to conduct the Oneness Experience Course. Some sessions last four hours. Whew! I guess it's not all fun and deeksha over here. The pic on the left is us hanging out during a much needed break.

Regarding the Oneness Experience Course there are eight basic parts to it. I won't go into detail, you'll need to either take the course or come here and become a Oneness trainer yourself. However, in summary format here they are:

1. Knowing the mantra - I am that
2. The growth formula
3. Chakra meditation
4. Healing the relationship with our parents
5. Healing the relationship with our children
6. Healing the relationship with our spouse/partner
7. The need for self-expression and expansion
8. Connection with our Higher Self

Later in the afternoon we met in small groups with our guides to review the day's lessons and to share our personal experiences of these practices. The guides for the US/Canada are Vikram and Doug. Kiran does Japan, Korea I think too. I'm not sure about the other countries.

Receiving deeksha from Oneness BeingsThis evening we got to meditate and receive intent deeksha from four Oneness Beings. I don't know precisely how many Oneness Beings there are, at least eight by my count. During this time we meditate with them, eyes closed for precisely 21 minutes. They play soft background music and we stand and hold our hands over our heads as they arrive and leave, as a sign reverence and gratitude.

The pic on the right was taken during our meditation with them. Sorry about the darkness, it's not politically correct to use a flash at that time. Still, if you look carefully you can see the four Oneness Beings to the left and right of the standing lamps.

Some people cry, some break out in laughter, some fall over. You can feel the power of the deeksha intensified with their presence. One other thing, they walk very slowly. I've talked to one of them years ago and asked why that was. He said, when one is in that deep a state of oneness where you literally are the entire universe you have almost no concept of your body. So walking and performing normal bodily tasks becomes very challenging.

One of these days we are supposed to go to satya loka, the original location of the jeevasham school where the oneness phenomenon started. Doesn't look like it will be tomorrow, but we are all awaiting that day. Not a lot of people get taken there, so it will be a special treat.


Lunch3:00pm - A typical morning for us. Day began at 7:30am with prayer, yoga and meditation, then breakfast. Mid-day session started up at 10:30am as usual. Another marathon four hour session, this time on relationships with our spouse/partner and children. Lots of good releasing going on in class. Then a break for lunch at 2:30pm.

LunchLunch here is the biggest meal of the day. Thought I'd snap several pics so you can see what the participants are eating here. My roommates tell me the food here is the best it has ever been, more flavorful, less starchy, cooked very cleanly. And these are roommates who have been coming here for up to five years. Personally I can't comment on the food because I'm on day 8 of a 10 day water-only fast. Bhagavan says fasting tends to make the deeksha more powerful, so I want all the deeksha ju-ju I can get. You can imagine it took me a lot of willpower just to take these pics and walk away! :)

LunchThere is a lot of food. I'll describe what is in each container. 1) is a cauliflower and potato Indian dish, very tasty, one of my favs. 2) are cooked carrots. 3) are beans, I think pinto. 4) is veg soup. 5) is chapatti, wheat bead. 6) is yellow dahl, also very tasty. 7) is a type of Indian flavored rice, bhirranhi (sp?). 8) is some kind of spicy Indian mixture, nice. 9) is plain rice. 10) is some kind of green veg, like okra. I like that one too. 11) is yogurt. 12) is a type of Indian fried flatbread, like a big tortilla. Some people go ga-ga over these. 13) are fresh cucumber slices. 14) is not in the pic but some kind of Indian fruit.

LunchSome tips regarding food for those planning to visit here. This is India, it's not like Fiji. Don't expect a lot of fresh fruit or fish for every meal. Most things are cooked here and it's all 100% vegetarian. So a lot of participants bring a variety of snacks to augment their meals. Many bring dried fruits such as apricots, prunes, raisins, mango, etc. Others bring a variety of nuts, nutrition bars, peanut butter and other protein sources. Others bring coffee, tea and other drinks easily stored. Oh, and of course chocolate!! Chocolate tends to be not so good when purchased here in India, so get some good stuff at home or on a stopover and bring it here. Careful it doesn't melt on the way.

PS - I'm going to break my water-only fast on the last day of our course. I'm so looking forward to that...

Homa (fire ceremony)8:07pm This afternoon we participated in another homa, this one a Sahasrada (sp?) homa. Sahasrada is the goddess responsible for granting Divine intelligence and wisdom. It was a great homa, something was going on inside my head for sure.

The evening session had us meditating once again with four of the Oneness Beings. 21 minutes. Tomorrow we need to be ready by 5:15am for an all day field trip to satya loka. We'll stop on the way at a hotel for breakfast, then continue to satya loka arriving around noon. We'll have lunch there, not me :( (got two more days to go on my water-only fast). Tour the grounds, hear stories of how this oneness phenomenon all started. Then return home, have dinner along the way, :(( and arrive back around 11:30pm.


Buses for our trip to Satyaloka3:44am - Just starting the days blog. Seems I only need 4-5 hours of sleep over here, it's been that way since I started coming here in 2005. Similar sleep patterns with some others, so much divine energy lengthy sleep is not necessary. Will need to write most of todays blog tomorrow morning upon our return...

5:15am - We are ready and waiting for our buses. These coaches were rented specifically for this purpose, they have air conditioning, reclining seats, overhead storage and working shock absorbers. Pretty comfy. The ride to satya loka is 250km (155 miles) away to the northwest. In the US or Europe that might take only 3 hours, but with Indian backroads the trip took us 8 hours. Whew, especially for those of us susceptible to motion sickness!

Along the way we stopped for breakfast at a 3-star hotel, pretty nice. A typical Indian breakfast but also with chocolate glazed doughnuts. Then we stopped again for a bathroom break where we got to see firsthand what a typical rural bathroom is like. I didn't take pics and believe me you wouldn't want to see them. Then our bus driver lost track of the other buses and had to constantly stop and ask for directions, but we managed to get lost anyways. Finally we arrived at satya loka at 2:00pm, 30 minutes behind the other six buses.

Meditation Hall at SatyaLokaSatya loka is a large campus built largely in three phases, 1989 construction which housed the jeevasham school, 2001 construction and 2005 construction. Today the grounds are kept by three guides and three workers.

There is a rose garden, mango tree groves, and numerous buildings including one large enough to house 2,500 people. We (everyone except me, day 9 of my fast) first had lunch; spaghetti, veggie burger and fruit salad, then we went to meditate in one of the meditation halls.

For others and I it was very powerful. There is a Divine silent presence here that many could feel. You can some people lying down in shivasan posture soaking up the divine grace. ps - I was on the floor too, just got up to take the pic (sorry for the low quality pic, iPhones are great but they aren't a Nikon).

Original outdoor classroom at JeevashamOur tour continued to buildings that were used to facilitate up to 15,000 people at once attending various oneness programs in years past. This is where the first 42 day program started (what is level 1 today used to be a 42 day program, really grueling Monicaji tells me). Then we walked to the jeevasham campus and saw the original classrooms and dormitories used by Amma, Bhagavan and the students. The picture to the right is one of two original outdoor classrooms used by the students. Next to it we saw (and climbed on) the rock Anandagiri climbed upon to sing (confess) the not-so-nice truth about himself, as per Bhagavan's suggestion. Then on to the house used by Amma and Bhagavan.

We concluded our tour with a special treat, visiting the golden rock. This is a set of boulders and a tree where the oneness phenomenon first started in 1989. A 'golden ball' descended into Bhagavan's son Krishnaji and he could then speak to his Antaryamin (Higher Self). Upon the suggestion of Bhagavan he found he could give this golden ball to his classmates. Later, they would sit and meditate by these boulders and astral travel, heal each other, speak to their Higher Self and go into very high states of consciousness. The guide suggested we walk in a circle around the golden rock three times reciting the moola mantra as a group. A true highlight of the trip!

Golden Rock where the Oneness Phenomenon started in 1989Later we were treated to green coconuts and boarded our buses for the trip back starting at 6:00pm. With stops along the way plus dinner we managed to return to campus at 1:30pm. If you are planning to attend the trainers course in the future and are given the opportunity to visit satya loka, provided you can stomach the ride (I made it...just barely) I would highly recommend it. It was well worth it.

One additional thing, I had the pleasure to sit with Doug on the trip home and he shared with us many fascinating bits of oneness information. This is a recap of the highlights.

Earth and universal energies are increasing at a rapid rate. In Nov. 2009 there was a shift, there will be another big shift on Mar. 2010, followed by more every three months. Each time the energy shifts it will double in power, and the cycle between it and the next shift will decrease. So for a time there will be big shifts every three months, then every month, then every week (if I recall), then every day, then every minute, then every second. These shifts are what will make it easier for humanity to awaken. For those of us already on awakening paths many will enter permanent states of oneness. The rest of humanity will have their hearts flowered and soon begin to follow suit.

Another interesting thing Doug said is that we are really being trained for two things. First, to help create and lead other deeskah givers to help awaken humanity by year end 2012. But from then on we are being trained to become the next generation of saints and sages of the world. Pretty heady stuff! That we will become the generation that helps lead and teach humanity to fully enter the new age. I know that may sound grandiose to some, but in my heart I have known that to be true since I was a child. I suspect many of you have known that too. So buckle up and get ready. Our time has come.

I would also like to point out that oneness being Uttama (Matthew Ottenberg) is no longer with the oneness order. He has chosen to become a teacher in the one world academy along with Anandagiri and the others. As such, he is no longer associated with oneness; he is no longer considered a oneness being and cannot give deeksha to others. This is nothing personal Doug said, it is just that Bhagavan is so clear in his purpose here on earth - to guide us into the oneness age. AmmaBhagavan are clear their organization won't do it, and their efforts will actually come to hurt the awakening of humanity. So he has chosen to remove all ties with the one world academy and their faculty. The same situation holds true for Anandagiri, the previous acharyas and previous guides.


Oneness Temple10:30am - Day nine began with what is called Nadi Shodana Pranayama, a specific type of breathing meditation designed to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The we boarded the local buses to travel to the Oneness Temple and participate in a live, online video meditation with Amma. Very cool. We were told spending this time with Amma would prepare us to become initiated as oneness trainers. Totally exciting!

I am unable to provide any photos of either the meditation with Amma or our initiation upstairs, as photography is not allowed once inside the temple. But I did manage to snap a pic of some attendees leaving the temple after initiation.

Noon - We then climbed the stairs of the Oneness Temple to the top floor. Our initiation was soon to begin. I won't provide the initiation details, so as not to spoil the suspense for those of you coming here for the trainers course. What I will say is the initiation deeksha was one of the most powerful energy transfers I have ever received! The deeksha brain effect was in full force and my head expanded for many miles all around. Kind of zoned out for several hours afterward. Similar happenings with others.

4:00pm - Yet another homa, this time an AmmaBhagavan homa. It's purpose was to solidify and strengthen our connection to the Divine and make it easier for us to ask for help from AmmaBhagavan. Can't say I recall too much else from the homa, still had the deeksha brain effect going on.

6:00pm - Class time. We learned the 7th and 8th steps in the Oneness Experience Course. We were also taught the correct procedure to initiate others as blessing givers. Very cool. Very fun. Very sleepy. Doug is meeting with us in 25 minutes, need to run...

Our guide Doug met with us and clarified something for us. He said it is critical that if we recommend someone to attend the oneness trainer course that we be in full integrity with it, that we actually HIGHLY recommend them. The worst thing that could happen is we recommend someone because we are afraid to hurt their feelings or tell them no. We have to be in 100% alignment with our heart, if we don't think someone would make a good trainer (psychological problems, poor member of the community, drugs, alcohol or even addiction to cigarettes) we need to man up and just tell them "sorry, I can't recommend you." Doug has a large number of applications to review each week so he is really counting on us to recommend only the best.


DAY 10
My Oneness friends Catherine, Brandy and Patricia6:00am - Day 10 just starting. We're fairly certain we are going to have another in-person darshan with Sri Bhagavan. Yahoo!

7:30am - Meeting for the US/Canada group (55 of us) with our guide, Vikram. We reviewed the final teachings of the Oneness Experience course, then ate breakfast. Now that I'm eating again I can personally attest that the food here is the best it has ever been. You know that pasta that used to taste like overcooked macaroni and ketchup, it tastes like real pasta with real sauce. Amazing. And the sambar, a type of Indian soup. Yummy.

Apparently they are now hiring professional cooks to come to campus to "cater" the food for participants. Doug says it costs them a lot more this way, but it is well worth it. Most people have enjoyed the food and no one has gotten sick, at least from the food.

10:00am - The time has come, we get to see Bhagavan again!

Darshan (Q&A with Sri Bhagavan)11:00am - We are now seated in a large room awaiting darshan with Bhagavan. So much excitement. Kind of like waiting for Santa as a kid. Bhagavan comes in and speaks to us for a little over 1.5 hours, answering many questions in depth. Many questions. Put together 20 skype calls and that is how much information and grace we received from this darshan. We all have these big silly grins on our faces as we leave and get back on the buses. Just a funny scene. I'll write some of the questions at the end of this blog...

3:45pm - Our final homa. This homa was the most powerful of all. It is designed to improve one's life in many ways, health, finances, business, the oneness movement, courage, etc. I forget what the Sanskrit name is for it but it is known to be hugely powerful. The guides tell us that homas are like a short-cut to Grace. They simply help to make grace more easily accessible.

I recall when the guides did this specific homa years ago to help clear negativity in the USA. Back in California we were laid out on the floor asking what happened. Then the phones started ringing from across the country asking what just happened. It's a really powerful homa!

Oneness Temple at night6:00pm - Evening session with Vikram and we receive our oneness trainer certificates.

Excerpts from our darshan with Bhagavan:

* Some of the first questions asked of Bhagavan delt with the nature of enlightenment and God-realization. How they differ? Can we have both? Bhagavan said they are two entirely different things. One can have full enlightenment. Another could have full God-realization. Or, one could have both. Biologically enlightenment has to do more with the parietal lobes on the sides of the brain. God-realization deals more with the frontal lobes.

Then it was asked (by me) can one have both. The answer was a very quick yes. If that is your desire you can have both. No problem. Once one is fully enlightened or fully God-realized, there is no more personal suffering.

* Question: Is everything pre-destined or do we have a choice?
Answer: At the highest levels, the entire universe is pre-destined following a divine plan. There is no such thing as free will, which would require something outside of itself to be free from. But on a human level, we must not try to act like we are God-realized if we are not. We must act according to our truth at the moment. So from that perspective, yes, the perception of free will is very much alive in our lives.

* Question: Is there any difference between the deeksha power from someone who has taken the old 21-day course, or the 7-day course, or the new 2-day oneness experience course?
Answer: No. There is no difference at all. But if someone became a deeksha giver long ago and hasn't received deeksha for a long time, their deeksha power will decline. They should recharge themselves by getting more deeksha, then their deekshas for others will become more powerful.

* During one point in the darshan Bhagavan looked around and told us you will all become awakened by end of 2011. Wowzie!! Narashima Kumar, the very first guide and now a oneness being personally told me the same thing this evening. That we, I think he was referring to our group, would all reach this state very soon. I asked him to tell me what this permanent state was like, but he smiled and said he could tell me but it wouldn't make much sense. You will see for yourself. BTW, Narashima Kumar can be reached as a member of our community network. So you can send him a message or comment if you'd like.

* The question of fasting came up, to which Bhagavan said one can do several things to make receiving deeksha more powerful; yoga, tai chi, pranayama, other techniques, but fasting seemed to be the most effective. One day, two-day, or best is a 7-day juice fast.

* Bhagavan spoke at length of how he sees the next couple of years unfolding. He said 2010 is the year we are supposed to focus in making new deeksha givers and new oneness trainers. Those are our marching orders. Everything else is in place he said, the universal energies are increasing, the temple is completed, and other earth monuments like the pyramids and other sacred sites will become activated as the universal energies mount. The only thing missing is humanity. That's our job. He said it's now up to you. You've got to do this work and help us reach a critical mass.

Sometime mid-2011 humanity will begin to be reprogrammed. By that he meant our wounds, fears, karma would begin to be healed. For those of us on a spiritual path that is already happening, but in June 2011 it will start happening in larger scale for humanity. This healing work should be complete by year end 2011. By that I think he was referring to deeksha givers, but I'm not 100% certain on this point. So we need to reach our numbers by year end 2011.

2012 is a year of process, where we are taken to deeper and deeper states. This not only helps us, it helps cleanse humanity. 2012 is what he calls the process year. By end of 2012 if we do our part we'll have done enough to shift the evolution of humanity to a new level. To begin the Oneness Age.

2012-March 2014 Follow-up. Helping to make sure things are going well. After March 2014 Bhagavan plans to disolve the oneness movement and we just become free agent teachers in our own right, helping humanity into the new age. It will be like we are the new guides, sages and saints, helping people through their first level 1 course. Kind of like that, but without any referrence to the name or organization formerly known as oneness.

* To further spice up our darshan one question was read from a man from Sweden, he is attending our course. I think his name is Shanti Kristian. The question dealt with the various states of consciousness this man is experiencing. Bhagavan paused, looked at him and said, are fully awakened. We pretty much fell over at that point.

* Our time with Bhagavan concluded with a joint meditation and blessing from Bhagavan. Pretty much smiles all around.


I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog these last 10 days. It has been my pleasure to share with you just a hint of the extraordinary grace that comes from this place we call the Oneness University and AmmaBhagavan.

Thank you too for all your comments and support. It has been a pleasure to read each of them and to see the enthusiasm and excitement around the world. What is happening here is what we call a "game changer". We are playing an integral role in changing the destiny of humanity. Thanks so much for being a part of it.

Blessing to the Divine,

Kerry Chinn


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