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In addition to the paid-for Private Sessions I do for clients - which is how I earn a living - I also provide a wealth of other services to the public for which I do not charge any fees.

These FREE services are my way of reaching out to others on a larger scale, helping to impact the lives of many in hopefully a positive way; by spiritual wisdom, by healing, and by Divine grace.

If you are new to my work, or even if you've been a friend or client of mine for years, I invite you to partake of the many free service offerings provided each month.

I welcome you as my guest and as my friend. ~ Rev. Kerry



Normally twice per month I lead free TeleSeminars on a variety of topics ranging from spritual healing, intuition, awakening, God-realization and much more. These are performed via phone and have become very popular, with 200 to 300 participants on the line for each TeleSeminar. You can think of it as sort of a mini-Private Healing Session with me, only in a group setting. And it's FREE!!

Each session I select a different topic, then I design the TeleSeminar to be both informative and transformative. That is, we will spend time discussing the topic and experiencing the topic, whether via spiritual exercises, prayer or intuitive guidance. Time permitting I'll also open up the lines so callers can ask individual questions.

Past topics have included:

  • Ancestral healing
  • How to improve your intuition
  • How to heal yourself and others
  • Developing spiritual courage
  • Soul level journey & soul healing
  • The Oneness Blessing phenomenon
  • Effective healing prayer

Phone lines are limited to 1000 participants per TeleSeminar and registration is required. To view the upcoming schedule of free TeleSeminars look under the Register for FREE TeleSeminars plus Other Courses, Workshops & Tours section on the right side of this page.

I hope to hear you on the next TeleSeminar.


Rev. Kerry's  Intuitive Healing Newsletter

Each month I author, produce and distribute via email Rev. Kerry's Intuitive Healing Newsletter. This e-publication is full of information learned during my 20 years of work as an Intuitive and Spiritual Healer; insights you can use to improve your physical and spiritual health. It normally contains one primary topic of discussion, often times illuminated with healing examples from my past work with clients.

Email is one of the primary ways I will communicate with you. Unless we have a private session scheduled, I won't call you and I won't flood you with junk mail. I'll simply share with you my eNewsletter plus any new programs, services or free TeleSeminars coming up.

I invite and encourage you, your family and friends to sign up for my Newsletter. It keeps you informed, it costs nothing, and of course you are free to un-subscribe at any time.

Click Free Newsletter to sign up and be added to my email list. Thanks.


Archive Section

Visitors to my website can download selected past TeleSeminar recordings and prior eNewsletters for no charge. The Archive section has become very popular, with numerous downloads each week. I encourage you to take advantage of this service, as I believe you'll find them invaluable, full of information and intuitive insight.

To access the Archives you'll need to have a customer account. Once you've created your account you will be able to gain access to the Archives section. 

Click Create Customer Account to create your account.


Prayer Services

Healing Prayer can be a highly effective method to bring about healing for ourselves and those we care most about. Indeed, current medical studies are now showing the efficacy of healing prayer—something mystics and healers have known for centuries.

On my website I provide a Prayer Request page. All are welcome to submit healing prayers for yourself or your loved ones. There is no limit on the number of prayer requests you may submit, nor on the subject of the prayer request itself. It is my experience that God already knows what is in our best interest and we simply need to make the connection with the Divine more strongly, to begin receiving the grace that is available to us.

To accommodate your prayer requests, several times each week I set aside time to connect with and pray for the health, well-being and safety of those submitted for healing prayer. I invite you to join me in prayer anytime during the day to assist with their healing. All prayer requests will remain confidential.

Click Prayer Request to learn more.


Why are these services free?

My purpose in this lifetime is simple: to help alleviate suffering by using these God given gifts to help those in need.

I, therefore, try to find a healthy balance between the need to charge for some aspects of my work - enough to earn a living - while offering other services free of charge. It is this balance, which allows me to reach out to a wider audience. It also allows me to serve those individuals and families who may be on a limited income.

If you'd like to help support my work and the free services I provide that would be very much appreciated.

Click Ticket Office and select the Donations/Gratuity item to offer your donation. Thank you.


Terms of Service

Please visit Terms of Service for details governing participation and use of Rev. Kerry's free services.

ABOVE PICTURE: This picture was taken in August 2005, during my first visit to the Oneness University in India. As we were waiting to enter the "dhyana vihar" meditation hall I snapped this picture. You'll see hundreds of spiritual orbs in the photo, a reflection of the Divine grace which permeates the Oneness University.


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