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It is said everyone is born with a unique gift, something to share with the world. Years ago I discovered my gift was being an Intuitive Healer, a sort of modern-day mystic. My work is to act as Medium between you and your Higher Sacred Self (the Divine within you); delivering messages of guidance, wisdom and healing from You to you.

Regarding my background; I'm a Minister of Spiritual Healing ordained by the world-renowned healer the late Ron Roth, a graduate of the Jaffe Institute of Spiritual & Medical Healing, and an Awakened Oneness Trainer by Oneness University in India. I provide private sessions for Higher-Self Readings, Ancestral Healing and Spiritual Coaching

With your permission, I invite you to visit my website and sample some of the offerings available. Many of my services are provided free of charge (Free Services), so you can judge for yourself the efficacy of this work. Thanks for visiting. ~ Rev. Kerry


Private Healing Session


    Events Calendar  

Date Event Location
May 04 - May 31 Higher-Self Readings: In-Person, Phone or Skype
Morristown, NJ
May 05 Free TeleSeminar: Introduction to Intuition & Guidance
Free Conf Call
May 17 - May 31 Webinar: Mastering Your Intuition & Inner Guidance
3 Week Course
May 20 - May 22 Oneness Event: The Phenomenon & The Gift
7 US Cities
Jun 01 - Jun 30 Higher-Self Readings: In-Person, Phone or Skype
Sedona, AZ
Nov 17 - Nov 20 CLM Fall Retreat: The Courts of Heaven
San Rafael, CA



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